Who Are We?

Our Story

Our Experiences and Applications

Geographe are a specialised residue/tailings management company who have been in operation for more than 25 years. We originated from conventional earthmoving in the construction and operation of large scale tailings dams. However, project management in this area led to the development of new techniques and equipment to deal with materials (mud and slurry) with difficult drying properties. 

The cornerstone of equipment we have developed is the Amphiroll (Amphirol). This included the design and development of the first 4 generations of the Mudmaster Amphiroll. Refinements of the design from first prototype in 2001 have continued so that the machines are highly reliable and have robust operation and maintenance regimes.

All work from the designing and building of a machine, setting up safe and repeatable processes, deployment of the machines (support equipment like excavators and dozers), maintenance of the equipment including pasts supply, training and supervision of operators and support management and coordination is all done in-house

Equipment (Amphirolls) are fine-tuned, modified or designed from scratch to suit the process and the desired outcome. This has been done with the understanding of the big picture and a long observed and studied application of various versions of the equipment in many different circumstances

Geographe have successfully carried out a number of long-term operational contracts with large mining companies in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Geographe have also undertaken a number of trials and shorter term construction style projects in Western Australia.

Our Team

The key to our success is the knowledge base of our staff. This includes the experience and technical understanding of how to best deploy the equipment to consistently achieve desired and predictable outcomes. Our team are highly skilled in problem solving, planning, system of work / process development and most of all the execution of what is required. Our team is built by staff that have been with us for decades, with our 5 site supervisor and leading hands each have in excess of 10 years experience with Geographe.